Chandler Councilmember Matt Orlando Appointed as Vice Chair to National League of Cities FAIR Committee

Nov. 20, 2020
| by:
Councilmember Matt Orlando

I am honored to have been appointed to the 2021 National League of Cities (NLC) Finance, Administration and Intergovernmental Relations (FAIR) committee as Vice-Chair. Maintaining strong and balanced financial policies, ensuring equal opportunity for residents and strategically leveraging intergovernmental relations to better meet community needs has been at the forefront of my 18 years of service to the City of Chandler. These objectives are recognized and elevated in the FAIR Committee, where the opportunity to convene with leaders from around the U.S. and to contribute to NLC’s federal advocacy strategy has proved to be valuable both at home and nationally.

The FAIR Committee is one of NLC’s most comprehensive committees, covering everything from budgets to bonds to voting. I look forward to pushing our Congress hard to help implement legislative activities that will make our lives in Chandler easier, especially during the current pandemic.

This will be my third term on the FAIR committee, and through my previous work on this and other NLC committees, I have firsthand knowledge and a deep understanding of the key role that federal advocacy committees play in developing NLC’s national advocacy strategies. I appreciate the opportunities afforded to me and facilitated by the FAIR committee to share my community’s perspective and unite behind common interests: the influence of federal policies to the benefit of our residents.

I would like to thank the NLC Resolutions Committee for passing the resolution I put forth regarding vote-by-mail options. This resolution will support federal efforts to preserve and enhance systems that allow for accessible, safe and secure vote-by-mail options, which is important more now than ever with the current pandemic.

I look forward to playing a key role as part of NLC’s leadership committee in shaping policy positions and advocating on behalf of America’s cities and towns before Congress.

Visit the National League of Cities website to learn more about its federal advocacy efforts and the FAIR Committee.