Chandler native continues to make a difference in her hometown

Oct. 28, 2019
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Communications and Public Affairs

Meet Priscilla Quintana, management assistant with the City of Chandler’s Diversity Office. She’s been in her current role for more than five years and is responsible for executing several community events, such as Operation Back to School Chandler, the Volunteer Recognition Awards, Día de los Muertos and the Multicultural Festival, to name a few. She also plays a key role in the City’s Census 2020 outreach efforts, coordinates meetings with nonprofit partners and works closely with the Chandler Human Relations Commission. 

She proudly describes her role at the City as a “catch-all” – she’s a hardworking part of the team and pitches in to get things done, no matter what the project is. 

Quintana has worked for the City since 2007, starting out as a recreation leader in the Community Services Department. Before moving to the Diversity Office, she also worked at the City’s Housing Office, Housing Youth Center and Tumbleweed Recreation Center. 

A native of Chandler and a graduate of Chandler High, her father inspired her to pursue a career with the City. “I grew up in Chandler and I can remember when there were farms on nearly every corner,” said Quintana. Her dad, Javier Ledesma, came to the United States from Michoacan, Mexico, at the young age of 17, in search of opportunity. Mr. Ledesma arrived in Chandler when it was a small community of dairy farms and agricultural fields. Chandler, Ariz. soon became home and he still lives in the city today, just five minutes away from City Hall. 

Priscilla Quintana with coworkers during a service project

“My Dad taught us to love the community you live in,” said Quintana. “I felt if I worked for the City of Chandler, I could make a difference.” And what a difference her work has made. As a public servant with more than 13 years of serving and educating Chandler residents, her work has been very fulfilling and she’s created close friendships throughout her career. In her role, connecting with people is her passion. “I love how we’re able to bring so many cultures together and that the community comes out to have a great time at these (free) events,” said Quintana. She also loves how people are proud to share their own traditions with others.

While work is important to give back to her community and also provide for her loved ones, being with her family brings her the most joy in life. Quintana married her high school sweetheart, Ruben, and he proposed to her after three days of dating. They were only 17 and as minors, they couldn’t marry. 

So they waited. “He’s my everything,” said Quintana, (about her relationship). “We fall asleep holding hands every night - we are so cheesy,” she says with a laugh. This fall they will be celebrating 23 years together. 

Quintana and her husband Ruben also are the proud parents of three sons: Javier, 21, a senior at Northern Arizona University; Ruben, 19, a United States Marine and husband-to-be; and Maximus, 16, a junior at San Tan Foothills High School in Queen Creek. Quintana comes from a very tight-knit family. She’s best friends with her sister and very close with her niece and nephew. And since her parents are only five minutes away from her work, she has lunch with them everyday.

“As complete as my family is, I wish I could have more kids. I always wanted to have eight kids,” said Quintana. “I look forward to being a grandmother (Nana) and to be there for my sons and daughter-in-laws the way my parents were there for me.” 

Residents looking to get involved with the Chandler Diversity Office as a volunteer can connect with Priscilla Quintana at 480-782-4300.  

This article appeared in the October 2019 edition of the SanTan Sun News.