Employment Corridor: Uptown Chandler

July 24, 2020
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Economic Development

Uptown Chandler is a key employment corridor situated in the heart of the Southeast East Valley.

With affordable homes, eclectic neighborhoods, high-performing schools, great recreation amenities and a vibrant shopping and dining scene, more and more people and businesses are choosing Uptown Chandler to plant their roots. 

In addition to Uptown's casual and welcoming atmosphere, businesses benefit from a number of operating advantages including a large supply of affordable commercial real estate options and tremendous access to customers and talented workers.

Here is a closer look at what you will find Uptown:


Uptown Infographic


Uptown Chandler Employment Brochure


Top Employers in Uptown Chandler

  • NXP Semiconductors - The global semiconductor company has a manufacturing and R&D campus in Chandler with approximately 1,700 employees. NXP is a leading provider of automotive, industrial and Internet of Things solutions.
  • Hensley - Hensley is one of the largest family-owned and operated beverage distributors in the nation. The company employs approximately 200 at its Uptown Chandler location.
  • Maxim Integrated - This global technology company designs, manufactures and sells analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits. It employs approximately 110 at its Chandler location.
  • Turbo Resources -  On a mission to lead the next wave of innovation in the aeronautical aftermarket industry, Turbo Resources has about 60 employees at its Uptown Chandler office.
  • Aerospec, Inc. - The Chandler-based manufacturer delivers innovative automation and process equipment solutions for companies involved in emerging technologies. Aerospec has more than 40 employees at its Uptown Chandler facility.
  • State Forty Eight - Uptown Chandler is home to the headquarters of Arizona’s beloved State Forty Eight apparel line. The company is known for their unique Arizona-inspired designs and custom collaborations with brand partners across the state. 

Uptown Chandler Public Art Project

Uptown Chandler Public Art Project

On your next drive through Uptown Chandler, look for public art at intersections along Arizona Avenue and Alma School Road. The Chandler-inspired artwork was designed by Arizona-based artists, selected through a process that attracted more than 40 submissions. 

This project is part of the City's broader Uptown Chandler initiative, which seeks to raise awareness of this vibrant part of our community to champion positive growth and continued economic vitality.

Scroll through a virtual tour that features the 10 artists selected for the project, their design and the inspiration behind it.





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