Find Your Next Read at Chandler Public Library with Personalized Book Programs

March 2, 2021
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Communications and Public Affairs

If your busy life makes finding the right books cumbersome, look no further. Chandler Public Library has services for readers in need of extra help to pick the perfect reads based on your interests and personalized recommendations. 

On Read Across America Day (March 2), get to know the resources available at your local library to help you easily find your next favorite book.

Bag O’Books for Children, Teens and Adults

If you want something new to read and browsing through catalogs isn’t for you, the Library offers Bag O’Books. Bag O’Books is a grab-bag program for booklovers of all ages. Using the online sign-up form, enlist the help of the Library to create take-home bags of books recommended for your age group or interests. 

Users who sign up receive bags filled with either 20 books for young readers and children or 10 books for teens and adults. Once the bags have been filled, they are available for pick up at either the Chandler Downtown or Sunset Library.

Since July 2020, Library patrons have requested more than 800 bags and circulated more than 16,000 books through this program. From picture and board books to graphic novels, to fiction and non-fiction for all ages, the program has something for everyone.

According to Rosanna Johnson, marketing coordinator for the Library, the program focuses on offering the children who benefit from this program a wide variety of books without making assumptions about what they will enjoy reading most.

Library Book Programs

“We intentionally don't ask the child's age or gender because we want to give them a wide range of books within the collection they choose,” Johnson said. “We can pull books with no preconceived assumptions about the children who will be reading them, and parents have shared the benefits of allowing their children to discover new books they never would have chosen themselves. And kids love the surprise factor!”

Nadine, a library patron and Bag O’ Books fan, said the program changed her view of the Library. 

“The bags have books that we never would have picked and truly opened our eyes to new wonders, “ Nadine said. “The same goes for the juvenile fiction and adult variety of books. It has allowed us to completely expand our narrow viewpoint we were picking books from.” 

BookMatch Reading Concierge Service 

Are you a reader with specific interests and the desire to choose from a list curated specifically for you? BookMatch could be the program for you. 

Simply fill out the BookMatch online form, and within five days you’ll receive a curated list of books based on your likes and dislikes, developed specifically for you by one of Chandler’s librarians. .

BookMatch is a free service available to Chandler Public Library cardholders. BookMatch is available for adult, teen and children’s books.

Research Bundles for Students and Teachers

Book recommendations aren’t just for social readers. The Library offers research bundles to aid students with projects and learning. 

Research Bundles requested online are curated by staff members with a list of books and online resources related to the topics provided by students or teachers. 

The bundles are designed to assist grades K-4 find resources on the topics they enjoy or need for assignments. This service is currently offered at the Chandler Basha Library. 

For more information regarding any Chandler Library services or resources, please visit Chandler Public Library, or call 480-782-2800.