Focus on Chandler: Fostering Entrepreneurism

July 19, 2019
| by:
Councilmember Mark Stewart

There are more than 30.2 million small businesses in the United States that employ approximately 47% of the nation’s workforce*. The City of Chandler is a community proud to foster the entrepreneurial spirit through programs, infrastructure and local and national public-private partnerships.

As an innovative community, Chandler attracts leaders of industry, disruptors and pioneers at all scales. From my experience as an entrepreneur, I understand the challenges in creating and growing successful businesses and how essential it is for small businesses to have access to support, resources, and training. In my role as City Councilmember, I work with staff to ensure the support of the small business sector through a number of avenues, including:



  • Small Business Workshops: Chandler’s Economic Development team executes a number of free trainings, workshops, and events each year to help entrepreneurs start or grow their business.
  • Angel Investing Series: Through a regional effort spearheaded by the PHX East Valley, we work to equip individuals interested in angel investing with the knowledge and tools to invest in East Valley tech companies.
  • Infrastructure: Through local and regional partnerships the City supports incubators, co-working and maker spaces, like the ASU Chandler Innovation Center and Gangplank – where I started my business Concept 2 Completion.

In addition to programs and partnerships, Chandler’s practice of good governance and brand promise execution attract the type of resident that is highly desirable for small businesses to thrive. A great brand promise reflects thoughtfulness, makes an emotional connection with customers, and often challenges the status quo. Chandler’s promise to be a safe community that connects people, chooses innovation and inspires excellence continues to attract a diverse mix of residents and businesses. People are drawn here for high quality, low-cost services, affordable housing, parks and recreational amenities and access to high paying jobs. Our residents have a disposable income, have demonstrated a preference to shop locally, and with a low median age of 35 and a high concentration of tech jobs in the community, the majority of our residents are excited about testing new products and technologies that our startups and companies offer.  

Chandler’s promise and growing list of amenities are two of the top reasons our city continues to be named in top-ranking lists with accolades including Best Place to Become Wealthy, Buy a Family Home, and Find a Job. As Chandler continues to grow, I invite those looking to innovate and create to set up shop in Chandler, as often these disrupters are the inspiration for great change in our community and beyond.

Learn more about the businesses featured in my Focus on Chandler video:

*Source: U.S. Small Business Association, 2018 Small Business Profile