Infrastructure Week: Growing into a Sustainable Future

Sept. 14, 2020
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Communications and Public Affairs

Infrastructure constitutes the structures and facilities that keep the City running, including our buildings, roads, airports, water lines, power grids and so much more. 

This Infrastructure Week (September 14-21), we’re stepping back to look at why healthy infrastructure helps Chandler stay both physically and fiscally strong. 

Chandler Public Works at a Glance

When the topic of infrastructure is introduced, public works and utilities are some of the first areas that come to mind. Every resident and business in Chandler requires access to our networks of utilities — including streets, water and wastewater systems — to power their daily lives. 

With a strong infrastructure of streets, pipes, roads and utility lines, Chandler is able to operate as a residential and business destination. Keeping these systems operating at a high level ensures the long-term success of our City and its ability to grow over time. 

Here is a snapshot of Chandler’s current public works infrastructure:

Infrastructure Week Infographic At A Glance


Capital Projects: #RebuildBetter

The theme of this year’s Infrastructure Week is #RebuildBetter, which highlights the need to improve and innovate infrastructure as we continue to build and rebuild areas of the City. The Capital Projects Division within the Public Works and Utilities Department provides project management, design, engineering and inspection services for projects contained in the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Take a look at the landscape of the City’s current Capital Projects:

Capital Projects


Case Study: Growth at Chandler Municipal Airport

Chandler Airport

Investment in the Chandler Municipal Airport, one of the businesses general aviation airports in the country, has caused a measurable boom in the airport’s economic impact on the City. 

The Chandler Airpark area is a nine-square-mile employment hub that surrounds the Chandler Municipal Airport. The airport serves as the area’s anchor and a major economic driver, generating almost $110 million in total economic activity each year.

Several nationally and internationally recognized companies have established offices in the Airpark Area in recent years, bringing thousands of new jobs to the area.

The Airpark is growing faster than any other employment corridor, adding 1,310 jobs year-over-year per MAG's 2019 Employer Database. The current total estimate of jobs in the area is 10,710.