Investing in What Matters

Aug. 8, 2023
| by:
Mayor Kevin Hartke

Every single day, even in the heat of summer, Chandler children can be spotted at city parks playing on playgrounds, shooting hoops and riding bicycles. They stop to for a quick drink at a water fountain. Their parents sit on park benches nearby. Softball and soccer programs bring plenty of feet to fields. It’s a wonderful sight to see.

But it takes a tremendous amount of TLC to ensure those parks and playgrounds remain intact and that drinkable water comes out of those fountains. That’s why investing in infrastructure is so important.

The City Council and I are committed to investing in what matters. Last month, we approved several infrastructure projects that will improve the quality of life for all residents by enhancing those experiences.

Maintaining access and amenities at city parks is one of the city’s most important tasks. We’ve added funding for improvements to the aging parking lots at Arrowhead Aquatic Center, Snedigar and Paseo Vista. Additionally, we increased spending on park maintenance and landscaping which means more trash pickup, irrigation repairs and tree planting and trimming. And we’ve added funding for street maintenance to do asphalt patching and roadway repairs on city streets.

For decades, we’ve managed the city’s water supply with a forward-thinking, thoughtful approach that has resulted in a robust, sustainable water portfolio for Chandler. It is our intent to preserve it. We approved a new partnership with SRP that will expand the city’s water supply by building a new well on an unutilized Central Arizona Project (CAP) facility.

And Chandler wouldn’t be the Community of Innovation without investing in technologies like solar. We’ve entered into a new agreement to evaluate the most cost-effective and energy-saving solar solutions for City facilities, which will ultimately increase our solar footprint across Chandler.

To learn more about these projects, which were all approved at the July 20 Regular City Council Meeting, visit Council Meetings.