Literacy in Chandler Spotlight – Chandler Library Board

Sept. 16, 2020
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Mayor and Council Office

The Chandler Public Library has an impressive, and growing, list of accomplishments including more than 925,000 visitors borrowing almost 2 million items, and more than 97,000 people participating in the almost 2000 library programs offered throughout Chandler during 2019.

To support literacy initiatives in the community, the Chandler Public Library is supported by the Library Board, who works to connect Library staff with the community and put into practice public input and suggestions, where possible.

The Library Board consists of seven Chandler residents appointed by the City Council to serve as community liaisons who advise and offer recommendations on the policies, rules and regulations related to the operation of the library system.

“The Chandler Library is a cornerstone to our vibrant and healthy community. Our library is a place where we can lay our burdens down,” said Shanesha Davis, Library Board President. “For some, this may be an exit to upward mobility be that educational, spiritual, political or cultural. To others it's an entrance to a safe place and space to gather, to create, to learn and to share. My goal as President of the Library Board is to be committed to meeting and addressing the hopes and dreams of the citizens of Chandler, young and old, wise and curious, so that they may continue to have the opportunity to grow academically, professionally, socially and personally.”

To date, and particularly since the outbreak of Covid-19, library administration has been modifying how it serves the community, giving careful consideration to the safety of library patrons and staff as well as the sustainability of services for the balance of not only the current fiscal year, but also the next. Service is slowly returning to the standard residents expect from Chandler Public Library. During the period when residents were unable to physically visit facilities or borrow materials, innovative online resources ensured that users had digital content to meet their reading, viewing and listening needs.

Through the remainder of 2020, the community can expect to see a focused and revitalized library team providing exceptional service to the citizens of Chandler. Staff will be engaged in strategic planning, service level reviews and needs assessments to embrace the goals and focus areas of the City of Chandler. Programs may function differently than in the past to accommodate safety considerations. Collections may evolve to include more significant digital use and operations may change to improve efficiency and fiscal sustainability.

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About City of Chandler Boards and Commissions

Board and Commission members are resident volunteers who are appointed by the City Council to provide valuable input and recommendations that guide policies, goals and decision-making that benefit the community. To learn more about Chandler’s Boards and Commissions and for information on how to apply, please visit Boards and Commissions.