Manufacturing Company Spotlight: Advanced Materials Technologies

Oct. 5, 2020
| by:
Economic Development

 “Say it, do it, prove it” – the motto of Advanced Materials Technologies LLC, (AMT). 


AMT is a highly focused group of very dedicated professionals, who specialize in complex manufacturing and developing repair solutions for today's advanced gas turbine engines from right here in sunny Chandler, Arizona.

To get a better understanding of AMT’s overall manufacturing operations, we chatted with Jay Donkersloot, President/Owner. Here’s what he had to say about relocating his manufacturing business to Chandler:

  1. How long has your company been operating in Chandler, Arizona?
    We recently relocated to the City of Chandler from Phoenix in April of 2020. (Yes, during the global pandemic but it was worth it!)
  2. Tell us about your company and the type of products being manufactured here in Chandler.
    We manufacture turbine engine components for gas turbine engines, used by airlines, military, and also to generate electricity. We are also and FAA repair station and we repair a lot of turbine engine components for users around the world.

  3. How has being located in Chandler benefited your business the most?
    Chandler, Arizona was the ideal place for us. We are in a much more modern state of the art facility with more room to grow and attract top talent we need for continued success.
  4. In your opinion, why should someone consider the City of Chandler to relocate and/or expand their manufacturing business? Employment base in the East Valley is very good. Additionally, the City of Chandler is a very pro-business community and their Economic Development team helped us every step of the way when we were looking for a quality space to relocate and expand to.
  5. Are you currently hiring? If so, what types of positions are you looking to fill?
    Yes, we are currently looking for manufacturing engineers, CNC machine programmers, and inspection personnel. Learn more and apply as we are always looking for talented individuals to join our team.

  6. Is it easy for your employees to make their commute to work and has the Loop 202 expansion made any impacts?
    Yes, we have numerous employees who drive from the West Valley and the new Loop 202 has cut their commute time down quite a bit. This was important to us as a company located in Chandler as this expansion project allows us to recruit from both the East and West Valley areas as we know our employees will be able to travel to and from work with ease.
  7. How has COVID impacted your industry and your local operations?
    Since some of our customers consist of a few of the major airlines (whom have been hurt significantly), new business opportunities has slowed. However, we have a mixed customer based which has allowed us to remain busy enough to avoid having to lay off our hard working employees.

The City of Chandler is a location for business success and sense of place that appeals to large and small businesses alike. If you are launching a business, expanding or considering location options — contact a member of our team, as we are happy to tell you more about the advantages of doing business in Chandler, Arizona.