Manufacturing Company Spotlight: Millimeter Wave Technologies

Oct. 12, 2020
| by:
Economic Development

Millimeter Wave Technologies has been operating in Chandler, Arizona since 2006. We caught up with Gary Colemere, President to learn more about their overall operations and what makes Chandler the ideal place for their continued business success.

  1. Tell us about your company and the type of products being manufactured in Chandler.
    Our company designs and manufactures electronic components called RF Connectors and Coaxial Cable Assemblies.  We manufacture the RF Connectors in Taiwan while the Cable Assemblies are all built here in Chandler.
  2. How as being located in Chandler benefited your business the most?
    The best thing about being in Chandler, for us, is the proximity to a major airport.  This allows us to continue to build later in the day and still have parts ship out the same day. 

    The dry weather and lack of natural disasters make building and storing our materials much easier, too. 
  3. What three words best describe the Chandler, Arizona?
    Cares about its businesses.
    Awesome place to raise a family.
    Year-round sunshine!

  4. In your opinion, why should someone consider the City of Chandler to relocate and/or expand their manufacturing business?
    Plenty of reasons - some of which I already mentioned.  Great weather, good pool of talent, people live and stay here, lack of natural disasters, big metro-area that is spread over a wide area. 

  5. How would you describe the manufacturing workforce in Chandler and the East Valley?
    I find it easy to attract good talent because of the quality of life in Chandler.  People want to move here.  A lot of our hires are from ASU, which is right in our backyard. 

  6. Are you currently hiring? If so, what types of positions are you looking to fill?
    We are not hiring at the moment, mainly because of COVID.  But we haven’t had to let anyone go, either!

  7. Is it easy for your employees to make their commute to work and has the Loop 202 expansion made any impacts?
    We have employees who live in Maricopa, Ahwatukee, Tempe and Phoenix.  Because we are located right next to the Loop 202 and the I-10, it makes getting to work fairly easy for everyone.   

  8. How has COVID impacted your industry and your local operations?
    Our revenue is down about 33%, but we have remained steady throughout the shutdowns.  We have implemented workplace safety precautions and everyone wears a mask, so nobody has yet contracted the virus.

    The slower business has had given us time to work on completely rebuilding our website and revise our entire sales process. 

    Chandler has also been instrumental by providing grants.  This has allowed us to continue to employ our workers and send them home if they have any symptoms.

The City of Chandler is a location for business success and sense of place that appeals to large and small businesses alike. If you are launching a business, expanding or considering location options — contact a member of our team, as we are happy to tell you more about the advantages of doing business in Chandler, Arizona.