Ongoing Development of Law Enforcement Leadership

Aug. 3, 2019
| by:
Councilmember Rene Lopez

Our Chandler community is rapidly growing and expanding. To ensure we continue to provide a high quality of life and safe neighborhoods, it is vital our law enforcement officers are equipped with the training, knowledge and tools necessary to navigate complex situations. As a Councilmember, I am dedicated to the promise of a safe environment for families to thrive and innovation to grow.

In collaboration with Councilmember Orlando and Councilmember Stewart, I have brought forth a budget amendment for Fiscal Year 2019-2020 to provide $10,000 one-time and $2,500 ongoing toward the development of our law enforcement leadership. This financial contribution will allow for the ongoing development of the Chandler Police Department's leadership team as they continue to shape the next generation of police leaders.

I am confident this amendment will support our community’s continued growth and high quality of life, and I am proud to enhance leadership and training opportunities for those who protect and serve our community every day.