Puparazzi: 5 Tricks to Pet Photography

Oct. 20, 2021
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All pets have a su-paw-model inside them—it’s just about finding their perfect angle! Although model-worthy pet poses are not exactly second-nature for many of our four-legged companions, just knowing a few simple pet photography tricks could take your dog photos from so-so to best in show.


  1. Play before you pose! It’s a good idea to get all that energy out before you try getting your pet to pose for pictures. A tired pet is more likely to sit and be calm than one that has not had a chance to run and play.
  2. “Treat” them well. Dogs love food – nothing gets their attention like a delicious treat. Tape a treat to your camera or even iPhone. Once you’ve done this, let your four-legged friend smell it so they know what’s at stake. Now they’ll stare at you intensely. You can even try rewarding your pup between each shot, to prevent them from getting grumpy or wandering off.
  3. See eye to eye. Get on your dog’s level by placing your camera low to the ground and at your dog’s eye level. This gives you great photos from their perspective.
  4. Capture their character. Coming up with doggone good photo content ideas can be ruff. Focus on showcasing your dog’s true character is a great place to start. If your dog likes the lap of luxury, take a picture of him yawning. Or maybe, he likes to ruff it on wilderness hikes. Regardless, these action shots create funny and memorable photos. Pro Tip: Try Burst Mode on your camera, but move the camera (steadily) along with your pup to capture action shots.
  5. Find interesting lighting. Play around with different lighting sources, especially natural lighting. Using natural light gives you the ability to alter it with filters or reflectors. You can even try adjusting your lighting position to create interesting patterns and drama. Plus, you never know how your dog might react to flashes of light; it may frighten them.


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