State Forty Eight Collaboration Shirts to Benefit A-OK Program

Nov. 7, 2019
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Communications and Public Affairs

Hot off the press! The collaboration shirt between the City of Chandler and State Forty Eight is here.

Not just a shirt you can proudly wear to represent your City; with the purchase of one, $5 will be donated to the City’s Acts of Kindness (A-OK) program. The A-OK program helps provide basic needs assistance to some of the community’s most vulnerable residents.

The contributions collected go back into the community through a variety of human service programs that provide necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, medical services, transportation and utility assistance to low-income Chandler residents.

The contributions collected go back into the community through a variety of human service programs that provide necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, medical services, transportation and utility assistance to low-income Chandler residents.

The shirt is available at State Forty Eight online and in-store, and at Sibley’s in Downtown Chandler.

Where the Money Goes

The A-OK Program currently assists five non-profit organizations, which each supporting a different need in the Chandler community:

AZCEND: Community Action Program

It is an unfortunate reality that many people will be in need of emergency assistance at some time in their lives. The sudden loss of a job, a catastrophic event or illness, even extreme weather can create unmanageable burdens for anyone.

AZCEND’s Community Action Program (CAP) offers vital resources to help residents with utility assistance, eviction prevention, emergency financial assistance, job training and other basic needs.

“The CAP provides direct financial assistance to individuals and families experiencing a short term crisis, preventing a much bigger and more disruptive crisis such as eviction or homelessness,” said Shawna Fellenz, Program Operations Director at AZCEND.

In the past fiscal year, the Chandler CAP provided direct financial assistance to 1,265 Chandler households (3,217 individuals). A-OK funds contributed to the total funding amount provided by the City of Chandler.

Of the people served by this program:

  • 25% are on a fixed income (disability/retirement)
  • 45% are currently employed
  • 95% have income under 200% of the federal poverty income guideline (Gross monthly income of $4,290 or less for a family of 4)
  • 46% were children under the age of 18

In FY 2019-20, the City provided $28,483 towards CAP through A-OK funds.

Recreation and Athletics for Individuals with Disabilities (RAD): Payment Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities (PAID)

RAD Sweetheart Dance

RAD is a Chandler-based non-profit dedicated to assisting any person who has a disability and wants to participate in recreational or athletic activities.

The City offers a year-round schedule of sports, fitness and social activities for people with disabilities. RAD raises funds to offset the costs for registration fees and equipment and transportation associated with the therapeutic programs for individuals with low incomes.

Programs include bowling, softball, golf, track and tennis, as well as other therapeutic sports and social events such as dances, pool parties and movie nights at local theaters.

In FY 2019-20, the City provided $4,293 towards this program through A-OK funds.

National Advocacy and Training Network: Live & Learn

The National Advocacy and Training Network (NATN) is a network of survivors, volunteers, advocates, staff and professionals who work together to end domestic abuse, sexual assault and substance abuse for women, children and families.

NATN provides transitional housing for victims of domestic violence through a program known as SEEDs (Support, Education, Empowerment and Direction). The program offers safe, sober housing environments to battered and sexually abused women affected by substance abuse and violence.

The organization also operates Cup O’ Karma Community Cafe for a Cause, currently located inside the Downtown Library. The coffee shop provides a stable revenue stream to support services and operating costs. It also functions as a job-training site for women to gain skills for transition back into the workforce.

In FY 2019-20, the City provided $9,590 towards NATN through A-OK funds.

Resurrection Street Ministries: Caring for Our Chandler Neighbors

Resurrection Street Ministry (RSM) is a community nonprofit organization that helps provide basic needs for veterans, senior citizens, people experiencing homelessness, low-income families and group home residents in Arizona. Their community food program provides residents with food for the week through prepared food box distribution.

In FY 2019-20, the City provided $9,800 towards RSM through A-OK funds.

Salvation Army: Rental Assistance for Families in Crisis

The Salvation Army offers emergency assistance programs to provide necessary social services to individuals and families experiencing financial crises. The programs are designed to assist members of the community undergoing a temporary stage of financial hardship. The program helps people stay in their homes, keep their utilities running and feed their families.

In FY 2019-20, the City provided $4,500 towards The Salvation Army through A-OK funds.

Support A-OK on Your Monthly Utility Bill

Purchasing a State Forty Eight collaboration shirt is a great way to support the A-OK program. If you want to increase your contribution, you can do so on your monthly utility bill.

The majority of A-OK funds are collected through generous support from residents who make a donation each month. Your paper utility bill from the City of Chandler includes a checkbox indicating that you would like to make a one-time or recurring donation to A-OK.

For more information, including how to make an A-OK donation, call 480-782-2280.