Then and Now

Aug. 15, 2022
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Voices of Chandler

Tiffani Egnor, Cultural Development Programs and Operations Manager at the Chandler Museum, speaks with host Melina Zuniga about their current exhibits, Picturing Home: Dust Bowl Migrants in Chandler and In the Fields of the North. With everything from maps to artifacts and interactive tools, this exhibit has been ten years in the making.


  • The ‘Dust Bowl” is a term coined for storms that occurred across the southern plains in the 1920s-30s caused by drought and farming that forced people to leave their homes.
  • A mass exodus of families heading toward California often travelled through Chandler, some stayed for work and never left. Others stayed briefly and continued on to find work elsewhere.
  • Famous government photographers, Dorothea Lange and Russell Lee, captured images of Chandler during this time period.
  • In the Fields of the North is a travelling exhibit which depicts migrant farm workers from the 1980s-2000s. This subject is complementary to Picturing Home.

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