Why Has Chandler Reserved Land for Employment Uses?

March 10, 2023
| by:
Matt Burdick, Communications & Public Affairs Director
Directly from the Source – Season 1, Episode 5

Chandler’s employment areas are home to more than 2,200 businesses and nearly 100,000 jobs. Listen to Episode 5 of Directly from the Source, a Chandler podcast, as host Matt Burdick and Economic Development Director Micah Miranda and Planning Administrator Kevin Mayo discuss how planning and development of Chandler’s employment areas has influenced community growth and job creation.

Episode Highlights:

  • Kevin discusses the significance of Chandler’s General Plan to outline the community’s vision for growth, guide land use decisions and preserve areas for employment
  • About 90 percent of the vacant land in Chandler is designated for employment uses
  • Micah and Kevin describe development trends, including companies’ expanding in Chandler, their need for flexibility and the use of existing industrial and office space
  • Micah describes the industries that are focus of Chandler’s economic development efforts and the balance between employment and residential growth
  • Kevin offers a simple explanation of planning and development applications – one outlines what can they do and the other illustrates what does it look like

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