Drone Rules & Regulations

Drone in Flight

Currently Chandler Municipal Airport in a non-LAANC (automated drone request system) airport.  LAANC is anticipated to be implemented for CHD between Dec. 2020 and Feb. 2021.

Until LAANC implementation, requests from both Recreational Flyers and certified Part 107 operators wishing to fly in CHD Class D should be made through Drone Zone.

Requests through LAANC or Drone Zone should include vital infomation such as:

  • AREA: Choose the smallest radius possible, especially when within 1 -2 NM of the airport.
  • Details: Use comments to describe the actual area needed.  You can use street addresses and/or landmarks. Duration of flight (air time).
  • Altitude: Can you accept a lower altitude? UASFM altitudes are determined by the facility for safety concerns.
  • Complexity: It is difficult to get approval for requests that touch, or cross, airspace boundaries.  These are blue dotted lines on the UASFM.

For additional information: