Aviation & Aerospace

Arizona has a rich history in aerospace and defense with the fourth highest concentration of aerospace manufacturing jobs in the nation. Chandler is part of this tradition and home to many companies supporting this thriving industry cluster. Below are some of the leading companies operating in Chandler. Download our aviation and aerospace brochure for more information.

The company's launch vehicle business in Chandler began in the 1980s and has grown to nearly 1,600 employees with plans to add another 250 employees over the next year and a half. Construction has started on a new 617,000-square-foot campus that will serve as a Launch Vehicles Division Headquarters.

Offers a lineup of avionics upgrades to increase situational awareness and enhance decision-making. Garmin's Chandler office has approximately 150 employees.

Global voice and data communications company with a satellite teleport network facility and technical support center in Chandler. Iridium operates 66 low-Earth orbiting cross-linked satellites.

Headquartered in Chandler, TurbineAero is a maintenance, repair, and overhaul service provider focusing on auxiliary power units and related products.

Headquartered in Chandler, AvAir is a rotable and consumable components provider for Boeing, Airbus, regional and turboprop aircraft.

Headquartered in Chandler, Turbo Resources is a provider of surplus airworthy rotables and consumables for the aviation industry. The company is expanding into a 250,000-square-foot building now under construction.

Headquartered in Chandler, Aero-Zone is a new and aftermarket parts provider for commercial, corporate and general aviation aircraft. The company has expanded its operations with a new 44,000-square-foot facility.