Liquor Licenses

The Liquor License application process begins with the Arizona Department of Liquor License and Control.  Any person who sells liquor in Arizona must apply for a liquor license. A liquor license application must be filed for any new liquor establishment or for any change in ownership or location of an existing license.

An applicant or licensee may designate a person (agent) to receive communications from the department and to file documents and sign documents for filing with the department on behalf of the applicant or licensee.


Application Process Overview:

The approval process normally takes 65 to 105 days once a complete application has been filed. The Department of Liquor Licenses and Control files the application once it is deemed complete. When an application is not complete, it is returned to the applicant with specific instructions to assist in the satisfactory completion of the application.

Liquor control will email the completed application to the City, where it will be processed and assigned a City Council meeting. The City will issue a letter to the applicant/agent indicating receipt of the application and outlining the next steps for completion.

An application for a City of Chandler Liquor License must be completed and submitted. A breakdown of the amount due is detailed on the application form.

Various City departments will review the application. Upon approval from the various departments, the City Council will review the application and make a recommendation of approval or denial to liquor control. Liquor control makes the final determination.


License Requirements:

A Chandler Business Registration Application is required. If you already have one, indicate the license number on the liquor application. If you do not have one, submit an application for a Chandler Transaction Privilege Tax License with the prorated license fee and nonrefundable application fee.

Also, it is imperative that you fill out the Certificate of Occupancy application and remit it to the Planning Division located at 215 E. Buffalo Street. For further information regarding the Certificate of Occupancy form, please contact a Planning representative at 480-782-3000.

All Chandler sales tax accounts on which you are listed as an owner or officer must be current. To obtain a recommendation for approval any outstanding taxes, penalties, interest, or license fees must be paid.

Time is critical in the completion of the above outlined steps. The Department of Liquor Licenses and Control requires immediate City action. Since delay in the completion of these requirements could cause a recommendation for denial of this application, it is recommended that immediate action be taken to start this process.


Extension of Premises:

Request a Permanent Extension of Premises for an existing establishment (within the event footprint) that is already licensed to sell alcohol. This serving area needs to be contiguous to temporarily expand or enlarge the area which is covered by a current liquor license. An application for a City of Chandler Liquor License must be completed and submitted.

A permanent extension of premises is required to obtain a liquor use permit through Chandler's Development Services Department. This process takes approximately four months to complete, so you are urged to submit the application early on in the process to the Planning Division located at 215 E. Buffalo Street. For further information, please contact a Planning representative at 480-782-3050.


Timeline for Internal Processing:

For more information on the time frames of an application submitted to the City for obtaining a license (permit), click here.