Purchasing: Award Recommendations

The solicitation awards being recommended to the City Council.

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Solicitation Number Solicitation Title Recommended Awardee(s)

Posting Date

PW1-285-4255 LED Luminaires and Photocontrol Border States Electric & Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Inc. dba Arizona Electrical Supply 05/13/2021
FD1-990-4220 Emergency Transportation Maricopa Ambulance, LLC 3/11/2021


Park Mowing Services BrightView Landscape Services, Inc. 8/25/2020
PW1-988-4227 Public Works Landscape Services Somerset Landscape, LLC, a Yellowstone Company 8/25/2020
WW0-885-4192 Activated Carbon Carbon Activated, Corp. 7/6/2020
SW0-910-4176 City Facilities Refuse Collection Allied Waste Transportation, Inc. dba Republic Services, Inc. 7/6/2020
WW0-885-4137 Collection System Odor and Control Alpine Technical Services, USP Technologies & In-Pipe Technology, LLC 7/6/2020


Police Shoot House Equipment Ti Training LE, LLC 5/21/2020
PW0-745-4183 Streets Maintenance Repaving, Surface/Slurry Seals, and General Repair Services M.R. Tanner Development and Construction, Inc. 4/9/2020