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Chandler Museum offers interactive learning experiences for students in grades K-12.  All experiences are aligned with Arizona academic content standards.

Tumbleweed Ranch

Daily Life in Chandler, 1910s and 1920s, grades 2-5, Tumbleweed Ranch
A four-station experience featuring: butter-making and chores at the McCroskey house, shopkeeping at the historic grocery store, cotton and agriculture by the farm implements, and entertainment under the Red Shed theater. Watch the video below.

To schedule a group tour at Tumbleweed Ranch, contact Tiffani Egnor at 480-782-2874.

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Bring excitement to the classroom with outreach trunks. Available for rent for use by teachers and can be adapted to all grade levels. Select from Daily Life in the 1940s, Daily Life in the 1950s, Riding the Trail, and Play Time! Historic Games and Toys. 

Chandler Travelling Banners

Let them explore. Nine traveling banner exhibits on various Chandler history topics are available for rent. Topics include: 

  • Chandler: A Family Album
  • Chandler and the Greening of the Desert
  • Cotton and Goodyear
  • The San Marcos Hotel
  • Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Sharing Our Heritage: Chandler Latino Voices
  • Chuck Wagons: America's First Drive-thru Meal
  • Chandler Veterans: Duty
  • Chandler Centennial

Use Local, Teach National Lesson Plan Series*

*Chandler Museum's Use Local, Teach National Lesson Plan Series contains lessons that feature local history primary sources to investigate national history.  The lessons may focus on specific events, people, eras, or other historical topics.  The goal of each lesson is to help students connect their community history to nationwide events. 

Social Studies Lesson Plans

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