Aqua Tone & Aqua Boxing

An amazing low-impact, head-to-toe workout for beginners or seasoned exercisers, Aqua Fitness classes are a great way to stay fit and stay cool. All classes are 50 minutes and are open to participants 16 years or older. Aqua Fitness is offered year-round at participating facilities. Registration is required. Sign-up for as many classes as you like. The fee is per class. Drop-in Registration may be available at each facility when space is permitting.

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Aqua Boxing

Combine the benefits of water resistance with the fun and energy of cardio boxing. Set fully in water, this high-intensity workout challenges both body and mind and offers maximum resistance with minimum impact for an all-around total body workout. Explore circuit-style boxing techniques like jabs, uppercuts, hooks, and defensive skills.

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Aqua Tone

A toning session for the whole body, Aqua Tone helps you improve flexibility, strength, balance, and aerobic endurance. Utilizing a pole suspended in chest-deep water you’ll perform a mix of low-impact exercises that lift and swing you. Focused on your core, abdominal, leg, and shoulder muscles, the resistance of the water changes the way you work your entire body. The class can be tailored to all ability levels. Registration required. Sign-up for as many or few classes as you like.


Drop-In Per Class Fee:
Resident fee: $10
Non-resident fee: $13.50
Registration is required. Drop-in Registration may be availability at each facility, when space is permitting.