Paseo Trail

The 6.5-mile Paseo Trail is a 10-ft.-wide concrete multi-use pathway on the eastern side of the Consolidated Canal in east Chandler. The western side of the canal is an unimproved dirt surface in most areas that can be used for horseback riding or bicycling. The trail begins at Galveston St. and continues south to Riggs Rd.

Paseo Trail Map (PDF)

The Paseo Trail is popular with walkers, joggers, stroller-pushers, bicyclists, and even horseback riders (west side of the canal is recommended). It is also an alternative transportation route for people who work and live near the trail.

The trail is also part of an interconnected series of trails along the Consolidated Canal through Chandler, Gilbert, and Mesa. Since its inception as a dirt path in the 1980s, more than 18 miles of multi-use trails have been developed.


At the present time, the only parking for the Paseo Trail system is at:

  • Tibshraeny Family Park (270 N. Cottonwood - north of Chandler Blvd/east of Cooper Rd), at the northern trailhead, and

  • Tumbleweed Park (2250 S. McQueen - south of Germann Rd/west of McQueen Rd), on the east side, via the Los Arboles park connection.

These parks have parking lots and restrooms for patrons to use.