Paseo Trail

paseo trail

The 6.5-mile Paseo Trail features a 10-foot-wide concrete multi-use pathway on the eastern side of the Consolidated Canal. The western side of the canal is an unimproved dirt surface that can be used for horseback riding or bicycling. The Paseo Trail's first phase opened in 2001 and it has become very popular with walkers, joggers, stroller-pushers, bicyclists, and even horseback riders on the west side of the canal. 

For the safety of all visitors, please use reasonable speed and safety precautions when on a pedal bicycle, kick scooter, or skates. Give pedestrians plenty of space, 

No motorized vehicles are permitted on the Paseo Trail, or any Chandler Park trail or sidewalk.  

Learn more about the SRP Consolidated Canal safety

Open for public use from 6 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.


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