Celebration Plaza Nomination Form

Celebration Plaza, a permanent monument near the center of Tumbleweed Park, is a place where the Chandler City Council recognizes organizations or individuals for their civic leadership, public outreach and outstanding personal service and commitment to the community. Celebration Plaza features a fountain and a decorative wall used to display brass plaques honoring honoring those chosen for inclusion. The plaza is at the center of Tumbleweed Park, which is located on the southwest corner of McQueen and Germann roads.

Each year, the public can submit nominations for inductees and there is no fee to submit a nomination.

Celebration Plaza Nomination Criteria

Celebration Plaza displays plaques recognizing a select group of Chandler residents, living or deceased, who have displayed outstanding civic commitment, leadership, public outreach and service to the City. These outstanding individuals are honored for their sound character and efforts to make Chandler a better community through contributions of their time, expertise and financial resources. Individuals, groups or organizations must be nominated by the public and must meet one or more of the criteria below.

Celebration Plaza nominees can be:
  • Community leaders whose outstanding personal service has resulted in significant and enduring contributions to the community (support for this recognition should include endorsements from other groups, neighborhoods, or organizations).
  • An individual or individuals who has made exceptional contributions to the City of Chandler.
  • An individual or individuals who has added to the quality of life for Chandler residents through their involvement or financial contribution to short or long-term city projects or activities.
  • An individual who has demonstrated leadership, innovation and creativity, which have made Chandler a better place to live and work.
  • City of Chandler employees killed in the line of duty.
  • Nominees cannot be individuals holding an elected City of Chandler office or serving on the Museum Advisory Board or the Parks and Recreation Board at the time they are either nominated or approved for inclusion in Celebration Plaza.
Name of the nominee
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Thank you for making a nomination for induction into Celebration Plaza. A member of the City's Museum staff may be contacting you for further information. If you have any questions, please call 480-782-2877.

Below is additional information on the selection process.


On an annual basis, the Museum Advisory Board will solicit nominations from the public of individuals or groups for recognition in Celebration Plaza.
  • Nominations can be submitted on the official form (paper or online form) or the requested information can be provided on a one-page letter (typed preferred) and submitted to the Cultural Affairs staff.
  • Cultural Affairs staff will advertise the nomination period and collect nominations between February 1 and April 30 each year (2017 nomination deadline extended to June 30, 2017)
  • There is no nomination fee. The City of Chandler will assume all costs for the creation and installation of the recognition plaque in Celebration Plaza.
  • A subcommittee comprising two members of the Museum Advisory Board and one member of the Parks and Recreation Board will be responsible for evaluating the nominations and making a subsequent recommendation to the Museum Advisory Board.
  • The Board shall approve or disapprove, all or in part, the recommendation(s) made by the subcommittee.
  • Up to two individuals or groups will be honored each year.
  • The Board shall forward its recommendation(s) to the City Council, which may accept the names all or in part, or return the recommendations to the Board for further review.
  • The final decision will belong to the City Council.
  • Each nominee or his/her representative will be contacted and asked to submit a pre-determined amount of text for the 12" by 12" plaque.
  • Only text will be included on the plaque, no symbols or images are allowed.
  • The Cultural Affairs staff will have final approval for the text inscribed on each plaque.
  • Plaques are placed at Celebration plaza and a special ceremony held for inductees.
  • Nominations do not carry over to subsequent years. Nominees who are not selected for induction to Celebration Plaza can be re-nominated each year.

If you have questions about the nomination criteria or the recognition process, call (480)782-2877.