Special Olympics Sports

Chandler Adaptive Recreation offers many sports leagues, clinics, and tournaments for every age and ability.

Game On!

There’s something special about the smell of a freshly mowed practice field, the taste of oranges at halftime, or the feeling of victory. We totally get that – that’s why we love to provide opportunities for those moments and foster those connections through sports. Our goal is to give everyone in our community the opportunities to develop their skills, engage in their community, and – most of all – have fun.

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Sport Schedules

January - March

Alley-oop and score! Are you a seasoned player or just wanting to learn more? Run the court, shoot hoops and play on a team. This program focuses on the basics of basketball in preparation for games and the final Special Olympics competition.

Unified Schedule Special Olympics Schedule

August - October

Have a field day when you play Bocce Ball. Roll into Tumbleweed Park for some fun lawn bowling with friends.
You’ll also learn the history of the sport, rules of the game, and how to score.


Unified Schedule Traditional Schedule 

March - December

Be bowled over and strike up some fun with Bowling. Grab your socks and favorite bowling ball and enjoy a league of bowling alongside a non-disabled partner. Each week includes shoes and three games. The season ends with a party that is sure to be right up your alley. This program is designed for individuals with disabilities. 

January - March

C-H-A-N-D-L-E-R, GO CHANDLER! Come join the Chandler cheer line to cheer on our own Chandler Cougars and learn cheers for competition at the area and state tournaments.

January - March

Touch down! Athletes and their partners without disabilities band together in a game of flag football. Learn the skills of football through camaraderie and friendly competition. The season will end with a Special Olympics competition and a delicious family BBQ.



November - February

Hit the floor with Therapeutic Floor Hockey. A fun, competitive hockey program, Therapeutic Floor Hockey introduces basic hockey skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship to individuals with disabilities. Players will learn puck handling, passing and shooting techniques, and defensive positioning. The season ends with a competition.


August - November

Go for the hole-in-one with Therapeutic Golf. Building on the basic skills of Therapeutic Golf, golfers learn course safety, club varieties, and advanced strokes needed to compete. Hit the links with a partner and compete in a local tournament. The first week of practice is a mandatory meeting for everyone.



October - December

Come kick it! A fun, soccer skills program, Therapeutic Soccer introduces basic soccer skills, agility, teamwork, and sportsmanship to individuals with disabilities. Players will learn to kick, pass, and score. The season will include some games and a final tournament.


August - September 

Batter up! Practice the fundamentals of softball as you enjoy big league fun. This high-energy sport teaches players to hit, field, throw and run the bases. Designed for individuals with disabilities; athletes will compete for a medal. 

August - September

Dive into some friendly competition with the Therapeutic Swim Team. Athletes will improve their swimming skills under the supervision of experienced coaches. Participants must be able to swim one length of the pool with minimal assistance by the start of class. Splish splash into fun all season long.



February - May

Are you on the fast track to win? Run or walk, try your hand at the shot put, and join the team. This is your chance to try a new skill and get in shape. At the conclusion of this program, we will participate in one Special Olympics competition.


Partner & Play 

Volunteers are an essential part of Chandler’s adapted sports programs. Volunteer coaches and sideline assistants are valuable teachers, mentors, and friends for the athletes on their teams and support the City in keeping programs affordable so that everyone can play!

Volunteer coaches teach the skills needed for the sport, but even more important, they teach and model important life lessons like good sportsmanship and responsibility and help foster self-confidence.


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