Downtown Region Area Plan Update

Chandler’s existing South Arizona Avenue Plan, adopted in 2006 and amended in 2008, updated the downtown portion of the Chandler Redevelopment Element, adopted in 1995, by establishing goals to encourage higher densities, bring more residents to downtown and create pedestrian-oriented streets, among others. The bulk of these plans have not seen any major updates since they were adopted. However, there have been many changes in the overall development, population, and demographics of this area. The Downtown Region Area Plan Update will consolidate both plans within a redefined project area.

This effort is focused on exploring and defining ways this area has changed while looking to the future and creating a community-built vision that guides the city in the development and growth of this area more accurately and holistically.

The Downtown Region Area Plan Update process is anticipated to run through January 2025, with unique opportunities to engage with the Project Team and give your thoughts on the future of this area over the next several months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An area plan is a designated document that articulates the community’s vision for the future of a specific area of the city. The plan is developed by and for the community through robust public engagement, which is then translated into a policy framework that guides development. An area plan intends to provide recommendations from the community and for the city to guide future development decisions by city staff, Planning and Zoning Commission, and City Council.

This area has changed significantly over the last 10-20 years. This effort will update and combine the existing South Arizona Avenue Plan and the Chandler Redevelopment Element while reevaluating the community’s values and preferences for change in the future. The Downtown Region Area Plan will reflect the community character of the area of the city that the community wants to keep while adapting to new trends, industries, and ideas.

The Downtown Region Area Plan will include topics and future design illustrations on land use; transportation; utility resources; parking and open space. Through the planning process, the Project Team will listen, ask questions and integrate public feedback into the Plan that ultimately addresses the topics that you — the community — care about. General Downtown Region and District Design Standards will be an important outcome of the planning effort. 

  • Changes to existing zoning
  • Changes to planning approvals
  • Changes to historic designations
  • Changes to boundaries for existing overlays
  • Changes to established neighborhoods


Who is leading this project?

This project involves collaborating with a carefully selected group of expert consultants and the staff from the City of Chandler. The consultants will assist the city in facilitating public engagement and drafting the Plan. We aim to work with this area’s residents and stakeholders to integrate the community’s vision into the updated Downtown Region Area Plan.

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