2020 Census Complete Count Committee

The 16 members shall be formed to guide staff and community efforts in the promotion and outreach of the 2020 Census.
The Committee’s purpose is to promote and develop community outreach for the Chandler 2020 Census in a manner that is inclusive and representative of the needs and desires of Chandler’s residents.


Members (16)
Jenna Kahl
Vanessa Dearmon 
Trinity Donovan 
David Gonzalez
Jeff Grammer
Victor Hardy
Rick Heumann

Councilmember Sam Huang

Brian Fox

Renee Levin

Shelby Pedersen

Betty Ramirez

John Repar

Bob Rice

Monica Romero
Councilmember Mark Stewart

Staff Liaison
Leah Powell, Neighborhood Resources Director


The 2020 Census Complete Count Committee shall sunset after the completion and final results of the 2020 Census.

Established 6-14-2018; Ordinance No. 4815, repealed and replaced by Ordinance No. 4871.