Board of Adjustment

Downtown South on Arizona Ave.

The Board of Adjustment reviews and grants variances in the zoning code. The Board can review and overturn appeals of the Zoning Administrator's requirement or decision.

Agenda, Results and Minutes

Meetings are usually held as needed at the City Council Chambers, 88 E. Chicago St.

Members (7) Term Expires
Timothy Phillips 05-01-2026
Dean Ouellette 05-01-2026
Dan Henderson 05-01-2026
Jim Ryan 05-01-2025
Iliamari Vazquez Houston 05-01-2025
Manuel Ramirez 05-01-2024
Chad Wakefield 05-01-2024
Staff Liaison
Kevin Mayo, Planning Administrator


Term: 3 years
Meets: As needed, at least once a year
Members: 7 members

Application to Serve


Established 1-2-98; Ordinance No. 2763
Amended 1-14-99: Ordinance No. 2919

Bylaws Adopted; 08-23-01

For more information, call 480-782-3050.