Citizens' Panel for Review of Police Complaints and Use of Force

Chandler Police Crusier infront of City Hall

The Citizens' Panel for Review of Police Complaints and Use of Force reviews all citizen complaints, police shootings, and incidents when there is direct physical force by the police which results in serious physical injury or death. The Panel makes recommendations to the Chief of Police for further investigation and revisions of Police Department policy or procedures. The Panel Members complete the Chandler Police Citizens’ Police Academy.

Agenda, Results and Minutes

Meetings are held as-needed at the Chandler Police Department Main Station Community Room, 250 E. Chicago St.

Civilian Members (15) Term Expires
Samuel Enoch 05-01-2026
Gina Giammona 05-01-2026
Jill Slavin 05-01-2026
Diane Mardis 05-01-2026
Debra Schinke 05-01-2026
Flor Martinez 05-01-2025
Jason Diefenbacher 05-01-2025
Laurie Fagen 05-01-2025
Tamra Ingersoll 05-01-2025
James Bogert 05-01-2025
Dawn Vukadinovich 05-01-2025
Carlos Lozano 05-01-2025
Joshua Whitaker 05-01-2025
Christopher Heo 05-01-2024
Joseph Yang 05-01-2024
Police Members (5)  

Commander Jason Sieczkowski

Sergeant Dan Greene  

Detective Jeffrey Fox

Commander Travis Feyen (Alternate)  
Sergeant Michael Prendergast (Alternate)  
Staff Liaison
Pamela Leon


Term: 3 years
Meets: Quarterly
Members: 15 citizen members, 6 police department members. Citizen members must complete the Chandler Police Citizens’ Police Academy and a background check and must have no previous felony convictions.

Application to Serve


Established 05-25-2000; Ordinance No. 3135
Amended 1-13-2022; Ordinance No. 4983

Bylaws; Adopted 01-05-2016

For more information, call 480-782-2181.