Historic Preservation Commission

The seven-member commission is responsible for reviewing and recommending standards for the designation of historic properties to the City Council and will also exercise the duties and responsibilities of the previous Architectural Review Committee. 

They will review applications for historic designation and make recommendations to the planning and zoning commission and city council on the designation of historic preservation districts, historic conservation districts, landmarks, and heritage sites.

The commission will also recommend design guidelines applicable to the alteration of the exterior of designated property, including, but not limited to, rehabilitation of or additions to historic structures and new construction on vacant land located in historic preservation districts to the city council.  The commission will also act upon architectural plans submitted for approval in the City Center District under section 35-3205.



Requirements: Seven members who are residents of the City at large appointed by the Mayor and City Council. Four of the seven seats shall be filled by the then-serving public members of the Architectural Review Committee, each of whom shall serve the remainder of their term on the Historic Preservation Commission. 

The Chandler Museum Administrator shall serve as an ex officio member of the commission. Members of the Commission shall be persons who have demonstrated special interest, knowledge, or experience in history and historic preservation and are otherwise qualified by background, training, education, or experience as a professional historian, design professional, architect, landscape architect, registered engineer, or real estate professional.

At least one member shall be a person who owns a historic property or a historic eligible property or operates a business located in a historic property in the City of Chandler. One member shall be a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission. One member shall be either a person whose business or property is located within the City Center District or a member of the Downtown Chandler Community Partnership.


Members Term Expires
Cheryl Bell 05-01-2024
Mark Yost 05-01-2024
Erika Finbraaten 05-01-2024
Bryan Saba 05-01-2023
Jeff Velasquez 05-01-2024
Devan Wastchak 05-01-2023
Kevin Weight 05-01-2024
Ex-Officio - Jody Crago  


Staff Liaisons
Derek Horn, Development Services Director for Historic Preservation Matters and Designations

David de la Torre, Planning Manager, for City Center District Matters and Reviews

Established 11-02-2020; Ordinance No. 4936

Online Application To Serve on Boards and Commission

If you have any questions call the City Clerk's Office at 480-782-2181.