Human Relations Commission

The Commission acts as an advisory board to the City Council by recommending ways to encourage mutual respect and understanding among the many groups of people who live, work and spend time within the community.

Meeting Minutes

These minutes are fully searchable within each year by using the “Find” feature. For prior years meetings not listed, please contact the Clerk’s Office at 480-782-2181.

The 11 members broadly represent the diverse demographics of the community. The Commission makes recommendations to discourage all manner and the manifestation of discriminatory practices and assist the City Council and City departments on ways in which people from different racial, cultural or religious backgrounds can be made to feel at home within the Chandler Community.

Meetings usually held at 6 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 235 S. Arizona Ave. Call 480-782-2214 for information.


Elevating and celebrating the diverse population of Chandler through ongoing engagement in multicultural, educational and inclusive efforts so that everyone is valued and has the opportunity to thrive.


Requirements: 11 members (three-year term); must be a resident of the City.

The term of each member shall be for three years, and each member shall serve until his/her successor is appointed and qualified. Any vacancy in office during the term shall be filled by the Mayor with approval of the Council for the unexpired term.


Members (11) Term Expires
Ozetta Kirby 05-01-2023
Shahzad Amjad 05-01-2023
Maria T. Decker 05-01-2023
Pamela Morris 05-01-2024
Garry Ong 05-01-2024
Jacob Bello 05-01-2024
Erica Maxwell 05-01-2024
John Anguiano 05-01-2022
Joseph Curbelo 05-01-2022
Tyler Conaway 05-01-2022
Shannon Begay 05-01-2022
Staff Liaison
Niki Tapia, Community Resources and Diversity Supervisor