Municipal Property Corporation

The principal objective of the corporation is to assist the City of Chandler in acquiring land and constructing improvements upon land owned by the Corporation and/or the City for municipal use.

They meet once annually on the 2nd Tuesday in December, at 88 E. Chicago Street, Chandler, AZ.

Members (5) Date Appointed

William Nolde

Charles Ertl 10-27-2022
Lee Kroll 10-27-2022
Edward Salanga 10-18-2018
Shannon Wilson 12-13-2018
Staff Liaison
Dawn Lang, Deputy City Manager / CFO


Established 02-21-1968; Articles of IncorporationBylaws (Adopted 09-26-2000)

Online Application To Serve on Boards and Commission
If you have any questions call the City Clerk's Office at 480-782-2181.