Municipal Property Corporation

New Square

The Municipal Property Corporation, a non-profit, assists the city in acquiring land and constructing improvements upon land owned by the city.

Agenda, Results and Minutes

Meetings are held once a year on the 2nd Tuesday in December at 88 E. Chicago Street.

Members (5) Date Appointed

William Nolde

Charles Ertl 10-27-2022
Lee Kroll 10-27-2022
Edward Salanga 10-18-2018
Shannon Wilson 12-13-2018
Staff Liaison
Dawn Lang, Deputy City Manager / CFO



Term: No term limit
Meets: Once a year
Members: 5 members

Application to Serve


Established 02-21-1968; Articles of Incorporation

Bylaws Adopted 09-26-2000

For more information, call 480-782-2181.