Public Safety Police Personnel Retirement Board

The five-member board reviews all new or transferred Police Department employees into the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System and reports terminations from the system as required by State Statute.

Meetings held on an as-needed basis at City Hall, 2nd Floor, Training Room B, at 175 S. Arizona Ave.

Call 480-782-2350 for information.

Meeting Minutes

These minutes are fully searchable within each year by using the “Find” feature. For prior years meetings not listed please contact the Clerk’s Office at 480-782-2181.


Retirement requests and survivor benefits are also reviewed by the Board, as well as appeal hearings filed by Police employee members for the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System in the event there is a disagreement over the application of any rules or regulations of the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System.


Requirements: Must be a qualified elector and a resident for 1 year preceding appointment. Appointments are for a four-year term.


Members (5) Term Expires
Bill Crawford
Citizen Member 
Valerie Remington
Citizen Member
Daniel Shellum
Department Representative
Raymond Kieffer
Department Representative
Steven Turner
Chairperson/Mayor's Designee

Nichole Bombard, Medical Leave Coordinator - Secretary
Personnel Member


PSPRS Fact Sheet

For your convenience, the PSPRS Fact Sheet highlights the factors that contributed to the System’s Unfunded Liability as well as the City of Chandler’s plan to pay-down our Chandler Police and Fire’s Unfunded Liability.

Additionally, Chandler's Pension Funding Policy clearly communicates the City Council’s funding objectives and its commitment to City employees and the sound financial management of the City.