Public Safety

Ensuring the Safety of the Community

Real-time 9-1-1 Technology

Chandler Police implemented real-time 9-1-1 technology that provides mobile phone locations, enhanced data and mapping for situation awareness when officers respond to emergency calls. Measures also were taken to delineate life safety emergencies from urgent calls for service to ensure appropriate officer response and dispatch priorities.

“Know Your Limit” campaign

Chandler Police participated in the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety “Know Your Limit” campaign to educate residents about impaired driving as a means to reduce driving under the influence offenses. Chandler also joined the Neighbors by RING program that allowed residents to share video from their phones or home security system with police.

Police Agency of the Year

A months-long undercover operation resulted in the arrest of 62 drug dealers in the Chandler area. A seven-month-long investigation lead to the arrest of suspects involved in shipping more than $400,000 worth of stolen baby formula, earning Chandler the Arizona Retailers’ Association Police Agency of the Year.

Added Two Child Welfare Investigators

Services offered to crime victims through the Family Advocacy Center were expanded through an agreement with the Department of Child Services that added the presence of two Office of Child Welfare investigators.

Chandler Police Motor Cops

Crime rate is the lowest its been since Police started tracking that figure in the early 1970s. In fact, there were 5,994 Part I crimes reported in 2019, which is the second-lowest number of reported crimes since the 1980s. Part 1 Crimes include homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, human trafficking, burglary, theft, motor vehicle theft and arson. 

154,497 Calls for Police Service 6,124 Emergency Calls Emergency Call Response Time of 5:42

Fire and Emergency Medical Response

Chandler Firefighter and E288

Chandler Fire successfully earned re-accreditation for the fourth time through the Center for Public Safety Excellence. Chandler was the 14th fire department in the world to become accredited and has maintained accredited status for 20 years. Chandler Fire also was recognized as a Premier Emergency Medical Service agency by the Arizona Department of Health Services. Seven firefighters were hired after graduating from the fire academy.

Chandler Fire worked with Waymo engineers to understand, test and prepare for emergency response situations involving autonomous vehicles. These experiences helped Waymo develop an emergency response guidebook for fire departments that respond to emergencies involving autonomous vehicles.