DEI Assessment: Overview

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Overview

What is the DEI Assessment? Why do one? How long will it take? Who is involved?

In 2020, the Human Relations Commission (HRC), appointed by City Council, conducted a community-wide diversity and inclusion survey.  While the results were overall positive, there were opportunities noted in the survey to expand the City’s efforts in DEI.  The HRC recommended to City Council that the City of Chandler engage a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant to work with City departments and community stakeholders to address the key focus areas that resulted from this survey.  The scope of work for this assessment is based on the results of this survey.

The DEI Assessment is expected to begin in November 2021.  The assessment is expected to be completed in 180 days subject to the availability of participants.  This is an important process, and the City wants to hear from all interested parties,  therefore, we understand that the completion date may need to be extended, if needed, to accomplish this objective.

This assessment will be split into a four-task process.  The tasks include:

Task I | Project Kick-off & Council DEI Conversations

  • Project kick-off with City Manager’s Office
  • Conduct 7 key interviews – Council & CM
  • Develop a collective definition and define success elements of the DEI assessment

Task II | DEI External Community

  • Design collaborative community focus group engagement structure and process with DEI Office
  • Facilitate focus group(s) with Community DEI Team

Task III | DEI Internal Community

  • Create and Provide CPS DEI Survey for City Employees
  • Hold DEI Focus Groups with City Employees
  • Task III Roadmap:  Process, Plan, Strategy

Task IV | DEI Meeting with City Council Members

  • Build/Provide Aspirational Policy Framework
  • Creation of Draft DEI Policy Statement
  • Provide Final DEI Policy Statement

Project Closure & Report-outs

  • Presentation to City Council
  • Communication Strategy 
  • DEI action progress system 

Full Scope of Work