Backyard Chickens Ordinance

Backyard Chickens

Beginning Jan. 5, 2023, up to five chickens may be kept in each detached single-family lot; however, roosters will continue to be prohibited. 

Please check with your homeowner’s association (HOA) if chickens are permitted within your community.

Backyard Chicken Regulations

City Code Section 14-33

  • Each single family property may keep up to five chickens. 
  • Chickens must be contained within the rear and side yards and may not be permitted to trespass upon another property or upon any street, alley, or other public place. 
  • Chickens must be housed in a secured chicken coop. 
  • The outer edge of the chicken coop/structure may not be closer than five feet from any property line. 
  • Chicken coops may not exceed the height of the surrounding property wall. 
  • Roosters are prohibited. 


City Code Section 35-2202

Chicken coops exceeding 120 square feet in size are considered to be an accessory building and: 

  • Require a building permit
  • Must comply with building setbacks for an accessory building 
  • May not exceed 15 feet in height
  • May not exceed 30% of the total rear yard area, and 
  • Must be designed to match the materials and colors of the home.

Any coop connected to utilities (electricity or water) require a building permit regardless of size.

Property Maintenance Regulations

Animal waste, such as chicken droppings, shall be removed from chicken coops at least twice weekly, or more frequently if the conditions so necessitate and from the property at least once each week.

City Code Section 30-20, H

Chicken coops and any enclosed runs and all of its components shall be maintained in a structurally sound condition, free from blight and in good repair.

City Code Section 30-17, C-H

All exterior surfaces exposed to weather, except brick, stone or decay resistant woods, shall be protected with paint or other protective covering. All exterior painted surfaces shall be maintained in sound condition.

City Code Section 30-17, F

Helpful Resources

For additional information or questions, contact the City’s Planning Division at 480-782-3050.