Unruly Gathering Law

New Chandler laws take effect June 24 to prevent and deter unruly gatherings and violence among teens. We’re educating the community to seek compliance with these laws - Unruly Gathering Law and Brass Knuckles Law - and ensure the safety of Chandler residents. These laws offer tools for police to hold people accountable when necessary.

Unruly Gathering Law

Unruly gathering violators can be issued a citation and fined or they can be charged with a class one misdemeanor.

Chandler Police can disperse an unruly gathering and cite those responsible, such as the property owner, tenant, host, organizer and guest. Those responsible can be cited even if they are not in attendance.

People attending an unruly gathering can be cited if they fail to follow an order of a police officer to disperse.

Parents and guardians can face violations for actions of their children under 18 years old who are present.

Violators can be charged with a class one misdemeanor if any of the following occur:

  • person under 21 possessing or consuming alcohol
  • illegal drugs
  • act designated a felony under state law
  • physical altercation that results in injury
  • previous citation for unruly gathering within prior 180 days

Class One Misdemeanor

A class one misdemeanor is the most serious offense that can be prosecuted by the city. A person guilty of a class one misdemeanor can face fines up to $2,500, with up to six months in jail and three years of probation.