Search Tips

From searching for documents to using keywords and document numbers, you'll find search tips related to public records.

For further assistance, please contact the Chandler City Clerk’s Office at 480-782-2181.

Please adjust the search criteria and try again. For example, you may need to adjust the date range or try searching by different criteria. Please also note that documents are uploaded after they are signed and received by the City Clerk’s Office, typically within thirty days of final adoption.

Enter the keyword or document number and a date range or select one of the quick date ranges. For assistance with the date range field, please see What if I don’t know the date of a document I’m looking for.

A keyword search won't highlight specific search terms within the document. Open the PDF results and use the “Ctrl + F” feature to find the search term in that specific document.

A date range must be entered to search for most documents. If you don’t know the date of the document that you’re looking for, please enter 01/01/1900 as the start date and today’s date as the end date to get all results.

For Campaign Finance Documents, search results will be listed in ascending date order.