CityScope: April - May 2024

It’s time to change your irrigation schedule for summer

Sprinkler watering a lawn

It’s important to set a proper watering schedule for summer. As temperatures heat up, your landscape watering schedule may increase. Consider setting your irrigation schedule to increase your duration, but limit to twice per week to avoid overwatering.

Did you know about 60% of household water use goes outside and 50% of homes overwater? It’s important to know how much water your landscape needs. Grass does not need to be watered more than 2x a week during summer. Deep infrequent watering creates strong healthy root systems that can better tolerate intense heat. For grass, the water needs to penetrate 6-10 inches deep in the soil to reach the grass’s root zone.

To water deeply you’ll need to set longer run times, but also avoid runoff. Water runoff is common because our soil in the valley is dense. To avoid runoff, set multiple 3–5-minute run times an hour apart to allow the water to soak in the soil to reach the root zone.

Irrigation maintenance is also important. Sprinklers should only spray the grass areas. Make sure to adjust the sprinkler heads if they’re overspraying on buildings, fences, sidewalks, etc. It’s also important to water your landscape plants before sunrise to reduce evaporation losses.

Not sure where to start? Chandler offers a Smart Controller Rebate that pays for 50% of the controller’s cost. The smart controller automatically adjusts your watering schedule daily based on the local weather and site characteristics. Chandler’s Water Conservation Division also has watering guides for trees, shrubs, and grass to help residents create a proper watering schedule.

Learn more about conserving water. We live in a desert, we have enough water to use, but never enough to waste.

“Adventure Begins At Your Library” Summer Reading Challenge 2024

Youth reading book at the Chandler Library

Chandler Public Library’s annual Summer Reading Challenge encourages residents of all ages to read daily and earn prizes for their efforts from June 1 through Aug. 1. This program is one of the city’s major contributions to community literacy efforts and to keep kids engaged over the summer.

Sign up and track your points online. Earn points toward the goal of 1,000 in various ways: read 20 minutes a day, and collect secret codes by participating in free library events and special activities. Earn prizes donated by local businesses at point milestones. Finishers at 1,000 points receive a free book and drawing prize entries. New this year: participating adults are entered into weekly prize drawings throughout the 

Starting May 1, readers can register online or head to their local Chandler Public Library. Watch for our fun kickoff programs the first week of June! For more information, call the Chandler Public Library at 480-782-2800.

Discover the Chandler Venture Endeavor Innovation Incubator

Discover the Chandler Endeavor Venture Innovation Incubator, a dynamic collaboration between the J. Orin Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Institute at Arizona State University and the City of Chandler!

This groundbreaking program isn’t just for entrepreneurs; it welcomes all community members to explore innovation firsthand.

Benefit from tailored support, monthly forums tackling startup challenges, and a vibrant community platform. Gain access to free co-working spaces, funding opportunities, and even a fabrication studio for prototypes. Exciting events like Coffee + Connections and East Valley Innovation Night await. Don’t miss out – whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just curious, join us in igniting innovation! Check out upcoming events.


Operation Back to School

Once again, For Our City - Chandler, the City of Chandler and multiple other local organizations are joining forces to organize Operation Back to School Chandler, the largest school supply drive in the East Valley, benefiting Chandler families in need. This year’s event takes place on Saturday, July 13 at Compass Christian Church.

Last year, more than 2,500 backpacks filled with school supplies were available to be distributed. Request for assistance is greater than ever and there are multiple ways to contribute:

Monetary: Cash or checks are accepted; email Donations also are accepted online, along with event sponsorship opportunities.

In-kind: Drop off school supplies from a wish list or consider conducting a drive at your workplace. To set up a supply, shoe, or sock drive, email Backpack Drive

 Find all the latest Operation Back to School information.    

Recycle Right in Chandler

Water bottle being added to recycling box

Only items listed below are recyclable in Chandler at this time. Any other items in your recycle container are considered contamination, which is sent to a landfill, at an additional cost to the city. Do not bag recyclables. Place your bin at the curb by 6 a.m. on the day of collection.

  • Paper - Office and writing paper, mail, newspapers and magazines, and envelopes
  • Cardboard boxes 
  • Paper rolls from paper towels, toilet paper, etc.
  • Cartons for milk, juice and broth
  • Plastic - Plastic bottles, jugs, and containers 
  • No foam containers, even if marked as recyclable
  • Metal - Aluminum and steel/tin cans
  • Glass - Food and beverage bottles and jars

    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about recycling in Chandler:

Can I recycle an item if it has a recycling symbol? Do not rely on the recycle symbol to determine if an item can be
recycled. The symbols do not determine if the item is accepted in Chandler’s recycling program. For example, plastic bags,
plastic wrap and Styrofoam are all marked with a recycle symbol but are not accepted in Chandler’s recycling program. They are accepted for recycling in specialty bins at local grocery stores. If you are not sure: call 480-782-3510; check the Recycle Coach app or website; and if in doubt, leave it out.

Can I still recycle bagged shredded paper? No. Shredded paper should be secured in a plastic bag and placed in the trash 

Should I recycle caps or lids? Only recycle lids and caps that are securely attached to plastic bottles and jugs. Lids from glass 
bottles and jars should be thrown in the trash.

Do I need to remove labels from items? Labels do not need to be removed from plastic or glass containers before recycling.

How clean do the recyclables need to be before placing in the curbside container? Recyclables should be clean, dry and empty. Rinse or wipe food particles from container before recycling. No need for the items to be spotless.

City offices will be closed Monday, May 27 for the Memorial Day holiday and June 19 for the Juneteenth holiday. Trash and recycling collection will not be affected. 

1    Summer Reading Challenge Kick Off,  All Chandler Libraries, 480-782-2800

7    Senior Prom, Community Center, 480-782-2720

13, 27    City Council meeting, Council Chambers, 480-782-2181

14    Miss Juneteenth Pageant, Center for the Arts, 480-782-2221

15    Culture Music in the Park, Dr. A.J. Chandler Park, 480-782-2221

19    Juneteenth, city offices closed

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