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During the COVID-19 federal Public Health Emergency (PHE), Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona (BCBSAZ) expanded health benefit coverage guidelines, such as covering COVID-19 testing and testing-related services at no out-of-pocket cost. 

As the incidence of COVID-19 cases has continued to diminish, the federal government announced an end to the PHE as of May 11, 2023. Effective May 11, 2023, BCBSAZ benefits will return to standard benefit provisions. 

 COVID-19 testing and testing-related services (including telehealth visits for these services) will return to the standard benefit. Depending on your benefit plan, you may have cost share responsibilities.

  • COVID-19 over the counter (OTC) test costs will no longer be reimbursed.
  • FDA approved COVID-19 vaccines will be covered as preventive services with no out-of-pocket costs when obtained in-network. Out-of-network (OON) vaccines will incur standard OON charges. 
  • Standard requirements for precertification review of COVID-19 testing, treatment, and admissions to post-acute care facilities will be reinstated.

    New Medical Rates for 2023

    New Medical Rates

    Summary of Benefits & Coverage

    New Medical Rates for 2023

    City of Chandler Retiree Medical Rates


    Summary of Benefits & Coverage

    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) requires employers to provide Form 1095-B to participants who are participating in a plan that provides Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC).

    The City of Chandler’s Retiree Health Savings Plan (RHSP), administered through MissionSquare/Meritain, is considered a plan which provides MEC. This means the City is required to provide a Form 1095-B to any retiree or former employee who has or had a balance in their RHSP account during the calendar year 2021.

    In order to comply with reporting requirements of the PPACA City of Chandler is also required to file certain information on benefit eligible participants (those who have account balances within the RHSP) with the IRS and provide benefit eligible participants with specific information on their RHSP account.

    This is a compliance requirement for the City only. NO ACTION IS REQUIRED ON YOUR PART.

    Please contact us at 480-782-2350 if you have any questions.