Information Technology Department

Information Technology understands the values and importance of Team Chandler. The department is committed to providing team members with the tools needed to manage and provide great service to Chandler customers.

The Information Technology Department is responsible for coordinating the use of computer technology across the various City departments. This ensures that accurate and timely information is provided to citizens, elected officials, management and staff. The department also manages technology investments and assets, such as the City's enterprise computer network and applications. Other areas of responsibility include providing technology services and support, consulting, technology business process analysis and project management.



Dedicated administrative staff provide high-quality information technology services to City employees, including:

  • Administer procurement, budget, technology asset management, computer replacement cycle, and hardware/software maintenance agreements.
  • Schedule, preparation and delivery of desktop training.
  • Support IT staff by coordinating training, travel and fiscal responsibility.



The Applications Group is responsible for applications support, including development, database maintenance, business process analysis and re-engineering, and coordinating user application needs and requirements working with various vendors if needed to resolve issues. The group supports many of the services available on


Infrastructure Group

The Infrastructure Group consists of the Tech Support/Helpdesk and NOS (Network) areas and they are responsible for a variety of tasks including:

  • Desktop Support
    1,800+ desktops, laptops, printers and a wide range of other peripherals located in various City locations.
  • Fiber Optic Network
    All City Campus buildings are interconnected with fiber cabling.
  • Virus Protection
    Virus scanning software installed on file servers and desktop PC's interactively scans files to detect viruses as the files are used. When a virus is detected, the system automatically repairs the file by cleaning the virus, and then notifies both the user and IT staff of a potential problem. This software is updated regularly to provide a high level of protection for our information systems from the threat of virus attack.
  • Advanced High-Speed Network Backbone
    A high-speed 1-gigabit network connects the City's Campus buildings, providing speed and reliability for all users in the campus. Internal networks in those buildings have been moved to a completely switched environment, with 100 MBPS connections provided to desktops.
  • Access to the Internet
    All authorized employees connected to the network have access to the Internet.
  • Server Backup
    IT currently has a number of tape systems to backup 90+ servers that are scheduled to automatically backup on a daily basis. An off-site storage facility is used to store the tape media for operational/disaster recovery.