Surplus, Auctions and Donations

The City of Chandler uses an online auction service for the sale of surplus items. City surplus consists of city vehicles, unclaimed police evidence, computers, and office and building equipment. New items are posted weekly and auctions are open to the public through registration with Public Surplus
Online Auction

Firearms and abandoned vehicles are sent to Sierra Auctions and are auctioned in a live auction format monthly. These items can be viewed at Sierra Auctions, located at 3570 NW Grand Avenue, in Phoenix, one day prior to the sale. Visit Sierra Auction for information regarding these items.

Please call the City's Central Supply Division at 480-782-2417 for more information.

Computer Donation Program

The City of Chandler has surplus computer systems available for donation. The computers, which are about three to six years old, will be offered free to Chandler Unified School District, Chandler-based non-profit human service agencies, and lastly, local non-profits that serve Chandler residents.

If your group is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that serves Chandler residents, you may be eligible to receive surplus computers. For more information, contact Janet Lennon at 480-782-2421.