Neighborhood Excellence Awards

Mayor Kevin Hartke's Neighborhood Excellence Awards

Mayor Kevin Hartke has long been a supporter of active and engaged neighborhoods. The Neighborhood Excellence Awards is a way to recognize neighborhoods that participate in G.A.I.N., and the leaders working to improve their community and inspire others to be more active and involved. 

To be eligible for nomination, your neighborhood must have participated in the 2019 G.A.I.N event. Prizes for the winners will be applied towards the 2021 G.A.I.N. events as the 2020 G.A.I.N. activities have been canceled due to the pandemic.


Chandler’s Neighborhood Excellence Awards Nominees

Online voting for the People’s Choice Award will start 8 a.m. Friday, Aug. 21, and continue through 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 11, on this page. The winners will be announced on Mayor Hartke’s Facebook page in lieu of the usual G.A.I.N. kickoff event on Monday, Sept. 21.

Only one vote per person per day will be counted.

Fox Crossing

On GAIN night in 2019, the Fox Crossing community showed up by the hundreds. We had over 250 residents and many of Chandler’s finest at our Movie at the Ramada. Our event started with residents receiving See Something, Say Something brochures and signing up for our Ring doorbell giveaway that was provided by the Chandler PD and Ring. 

The Chandler PD K-9 unit arrived right on time and had everyone, young and old, fixated on the story of K-9 Policing. We were fortunate to have visits from Chief Duggan, Commander Upshaw, Chandler City Councilmember Matt Orlando, the TK 4 vehicle, motor cycle officers, many of the officers from our precinct, cadets, Citizens Police Academy Volunteers, McGruff and Eddie Eagle. 

The night was a great way for residents of Fox Crossing to meet and interact in a positive manner with the officers in our precinct. These officers do such a great job in the services they provide to the citizens of Chandler that it is nice to have the opportunity to say “Thank You!” to all of them. 

And, of course, everyone loved the popcorn, cotton candy, Halloween treats and the movie - Inside Out.  We would also like to thank our vendors in Fox Crossing who provided sponsorship donations for our event.  We can’t wait to get out of COVID quarantine and we really look forward to our next event in 2021.

Lagos Vistoso

The Lagos Vistoso neighborhood began participating in the GAIN event in 2015 to bolster and solidify connections between our neighbors, the Chandler police department and community resources.

Grilling hotdog, serving salads, popping popcorn and baking for an endless dessert table is always a big draw. Games, activities and music provide an opportunity for our youngest and oldest residents to visit, play and dance together. Adding the Ring raffle in 2019 was a welcome addition to our Neighborhood Watch efforts.  

Additional highlights were the visits from our Chandler Police Department and Chandler Fire Department.  While the children were so excited in the past years to see the police motorcycles, robots and canine units, parents are grateful to witness this police-community partnership be strengthened.

Everyone was disappointed we couldn’t hold our usual GAIN picnic this year, but we look forward to keeping the tradition alive in 2021.

Ray Manor

The last GAIN event was exciting due to the first event to have within the newly fenced greenbelt. Residents were happy to see the efforts the HOA took safety as priority for children to play in a secured area. Also built a ADA ramp for parents with strollers or wheelchairs.

The event was a theme for water safety and movie night with food served by the HOA and Neighborhood Watch members. The Watch members provided flyers with tips for home and vehicle protection to residents.

The local fire station crew came by to also educate children on water safety. Residents are happy to live in this community with the fact the HOA Board and neighborhood Watch work together to make the neighborhood safe and apply positive and pride atmosphere.



Tyson Manor

Tyson Manor has been thrilled to participate in the City of Chandler’s G.A.I.N event for the last three years. We have loved gathering as neighbors, building community and friendships among each other, and watching our neighborhood participation grow both in the planning and the attending of this event.

Our neighborhood is one of Chandlers’ original neighborhoods, and is a mix of homes built primarily in the 50s and 60s. We have original to the neighborhood neighbors and new neighbors that have appreciated getting to know each other due to the G.A.I.N. event.

We have even added a Turkey Bowl this past year to our neighborhood activities due to us creating relationships with our neighbors. Also, since started, our Facebook page has grown from originally 5 members to now 26 households.



2020 MNEA Nominees


The People’s Choice Award Winner will receive the following:
  1. First place pick in the 2020 GAIN event lottery
  2. A choice of a bounce house or event tent (canopy) for their 2020 GAIN event
  3. Up to $50 towards water, plates, napkins or utensils for their 2020 GAIN event 
  4. An opportunity to have a member or members of Chandler City Council attend events taking place between 3–7 p.m.
The Mayor’s Choice Award Winner will receive the following:
  1. Second place pick in the 2020 GAIN Event Lottery
  2. A choice of a bounce house or event tent (canopy) for their 2020 GAIN event 
  3. Up to $50 towards water, plates, napkins or utensils for their 2020 GAIN event
  4. An opportunity to have a member or members of Chandler City Council attend events taking place between 3–7 p.m.
Additional Rules
  1. To be nominated, you must be active in Neighborhood Watch, and your contact information must be current with the Crime Prevention Unit. You also must have participated in the 2019 GAIN event.
  2. Neighborhood Excellence Award winners will not be eligible to win two consecutive years in a row.
  3. The rental of items must be coordinated through the Neighborhood Programs Office and cannot exceed $500. Other activities may be considered, but they must be suitable for the event and approved by the Neighborhood Programs Office.

To nominate your neighborhood, submit an application and pictures online, in person, or via email
no later than Friday, Aug. 14, 2020. All entries must be received by 5 p.m. to be eligible.

Please include the following information with your entry:

  • Neighborhood representative, email address, phone number and address
  • Neighborhood web page or social media accounts, if applicable
  • Major cross streets

The additional information required for the entry will be made available to the public if your neighborhood is nominated:

  • Full name of the neighborhood and/or Neighborhood Watch group
  • In a few words, please describe your neighborhood’s participation in the 2019 GAIN event. Let us know what made your event special and why you should be nominated.
  • Include a minimum of two photos (.jpg format)


All neighborhood entrants will be evaluated by Crime Prevention Officers, Neighborhood Programs staff and the Neighborhood Advisory Committee to determine the top finalists for each category. All nominees will be notified via email.

Online voting will begin at 8 a.m. Friday, Aug. 21, through 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 11, 2020.