Economic Vitality

Economic Vitality

Economic vitality includes the use of creative policies and marketing efforts that ensure Chandler remains a world-class community for residents, visitors and businesses. Our approach preserves the viability of employment corridors and positions properties for adaptive reuse, infill and redevelopment.

Chandler offers a business-focused environment for global industry leaders, exciting startups and entrepreneurs through every stage of development. Our business climate, talented workforce and lifestyle make Chandler a destination of choice for key industries.

Strategic economic development with:

  • Preservation of employment corridors for planned uses to serve as economic engines and create high-quality jobs. 
  • A modern airport that supports business aviation and airpark area development.
  • Targeted use of adaptive reuse, infill, mixed-use and redevelopment tools and plans supporting the vitality of commercial centers and neighborhoods.
  • High development standards incorporating innovative aesthetics and amenities in our built environment.
  • A predictable development process based on exceptional customer service and finding creative ways to get to “yes.”
  • Marketing and illustrating Chandler’s brand as a regional, national and global destination for innovative people and technologies.
  • Partnerships with higher education and workforce development programs that create a talent pipeline for key industries.
  • Leadership in and partnerships with regional organizations that support entrepreneurship, dynamic startups and a thriving business climate.

Chandler Firsts

Rogers Corporation became Chandler’s first high-tech company in 1967 and relocated its corporate headquarters here in 2017. Intel’s first semiconductor manufacturing plant opened in 1980 and has become the city’s largest employer amid a collection of companies in the high-tech manufacturing industry. 
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