Infill and Redevelopment

Civic Market and QuartHaus in Downtown Chandler
Civic Market and QuartHaus in Downtown Chandler

Strategic infill and redevelopment includes the use of creative regulatory tools and marketing efforts to ensure Chandler remains a world-class community for residents, visitors and businesses. These approaches will maintain the viability of existing developments and plan for the use of remaining unbuilt properties.

Strategic economic development with:
  • Destination mixed-use projects that support the continued vitality of surrounding neighborhoods
  • Targeted efforts to repurpose vacant retail spaces
  • Unique amenities, events and experiences that attract people to Chandler
  • A deliberate, calculated approach to infill projects and annexation
  • An emphasis on workforce development and high-quality education

Performance Measures

Historic Square Breezeway Mural

by Vice Mayor Terry Roe

Downtown Chandler and Downtown South

Our focus on mobility ensures that we are creating engaging spaces that connect us. 

For this reason, I brought forth a budget amendment for the creation of a mural in the Historic Square Breezeway making the paths that connect Downtown Chandler and Downtown South more of a destination. Read more.

Support for Small Businesses

by Councilmember Mark Stewart

Meeting at Chandler Innovations

Mentorship and training are essential to being successful when starting a business, which is why I supported a budget amendment to enhance the Chandler Innovations Startup Connection event and provide support for small businesses.

Read more.