Innovation and Technology

Waymo making its mark in Chandler with autonomous vehicle technology
Waymo making its mark in Chandler with autonomous vehicle technology

Chandler’s high-tech industries and talented workforce drive the local economy and create future opportunities. The City recognizes the importance of providing solid infrastructure and streamlined government services to support the implementation of current and future technologies.

Embracing global technology that offers enhanced opportunities for citizens and businesses through:
  • Smart, sustainable solutions that empower, engage and improve quality of life for residents, visitors and businesses
  • Piloting innovative ideas to promote efficiency, productivity and connectivity
  • Leveraging partnerships and alternative funding sources
  • Marketing Chandler as the premier location for cutting-edge technologies
  • Investing in infrastructure to drive future technological advancements

Performance Measures

Exploration of Blockchain Voting

by Councilmember Mark Stewart

A proud voter

Chandler is leading the way using innovation and technology to streamline government services, which is why I supported a budget amendment that will provide funding to hire a qualified expert to work with the City Clerk to explore the prospect of blockchain voting.

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Connecting with Constituents

by Vice Mayor Terry Roe

Chandler's Media Team in action

In order to continue our high standard of transparency and communication I brought forth a budget amendment for a Digital Media Field Kit that will allow our Digital Media Team to produce higher quality content to distribute via the various digital communication channels.

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Advanced Technology for CPD

by Councilmember Matt Orlando

Police technician conducting an investigation

In order to provide a safe community we need to have the most up-to-date information, equipment and software, which is why I sponsored several budget amendments that will ensure Chandler PD is equipped with the technology and training will allow them to protect, serve and respond to the needs of the community.

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Becoming a Smart City

by Mayor Kevin Hartke

Becoming a Smart City

As a community that embraces technology, Chandler has become a premier destination for cutting-edge companies to grow and for residents to become adopters of the latest technologies, which is why I sponsored a budget amendment for Smart City initiatives.

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