Downtown South sign at Arizona Avenue and Chandler Blvd.
Downtown South sign at Arizona Avenue and Chandler Blvd.

Mobility — the ability to go places — has been essential to Chandler’s success. Served by three major highways, a well-planned arterial street network, public transit, and a growing airport, the foundation has been laid for Chandler to expand its multi-modal transportation offerings and further integrate new technologies to efficiently get people where they want to go. Mobility includes bicycling, autonomous vehicles, new transit modes, business aviation, traffic technologies and safety enhancements.

Forward-thinking transportation networks with:
  • Multiple, integrated options to access Chandler’s employment corridors
  • Convenient connections to the greater East Valley region
  • High-tech, multi-modal transit options for residents and visitors
  • Safe, attractive and well-managed roadways and traffic systems
  • A modern airport that serves as an engine for economic development
  • Open spaces and multi-use paths connecting developments and neighborhoods
  • Regional resources that maximize Chandler’s ability to finance transportation projects

Performance Measures

Historic Square Breezeway Mural

by Vice Mayor Terry Roe

Historic Square Breezeway Mural

Our focus on mobility ensures that we are creating engaging spaces that connect us. 

For this reason, I brought forth a  budget amendment for the creation of a mural in the Historic Square Breezeway making the paths that connect Downtown Chandler and Downtown South more of a destination. Read more.