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To sustain an exceptional quality of life for Chandler residents, preservation and enhancement of neighborhoods is paramount. These approaches ensure that all neighborhoods remain safe and vibrant. Engaging residents, developers and community stakeholders provide opportunities to achieve this goal, while maintaining each neighborhood’s distinct character.

Unique and vibrant communities with:

  • Amenities, infrastructure and services that support community safety and align with the needs of people in the surrounding neighborhood.
  • A holistic neighborhood improvement approach that connects City departments, non-profits, businesses, faith agencies and residents.
  • Innovative programs that preserve neighborhood quality and streamline processes to approve housing options that meet residents’ diverse needs.
  • Partnerships with community leaders, homeowner associations and residents to promote reinvestment in the viability of neighborhoods.
  • Activities that promote the community’s spirit of volunteerism and pride in ownership.
  • Preservation and recognition of our historic cultural assets, buildings and neighborhoods.

Chandler Firsts

Chandler’s first general plan, adopted by voters in 1970, created a unique policy of a neighborhood park in each square mile of residential development. Today, 69 parks serve as places for residents to gather and play.
Silk Stocking Neighborhood
Kids at a Neighborhood Playground