Record-Breaking Drop in Chandler Crime Rates Fueled by Innovative Police Strategies

Jan. 5, 2024
Chandler Police Badge

CHANDLER, AZ - In a remarkable milestone for the Chandler Police Department, 2023 has etched its place in history as having the lowest recorded serious crime rate on record (Part 1 crimes).  This is a big win for public safety and the well-being of our residents.

With a notable 18% decrease in serious crimes from the previous year and a crime index (number of crimes) at its lowest in over 40 years, the results are evidence of the successful community-focused policing strategies implemented under the leadership of Police Chief Sean Duggan.

Duggan attributes this success to a visionary approach, and decades of commitment to a comprehensive crime-fighting strategy.

"This is a big win for the whole community. Our commitment to building trust, leveraging technology, and fostering meaningful partnerships helped pave the way for this historic low in crime rates. This is also a testament to the dedication of our officers and the unwavering support we have received from our community, proving that together we can create a safer and stronger Chandler for all," said Duggan.

While there are many complex variables affecting the crime rate, Duggan attributes the steady decline in crime rates to five key policing objectives:

  1. Earning trust by recognizing each contact with a member of the community is an opportunity to earn their confidence, support, and respect, with the understanding the police cannot be successful without the consent of the public.
  2. Using technology to police smarter and more effectively by concentrating on active “hotspots” and violent offenders identified through sound data analysis.
  3. Providing effective training and equipment and adhering to the highest standards of performance.
  4. Ensuring leadership and accountability at the precinct and bureau levels.
  5. Developing meaningful relations with regional and federal law enforcement partners allowing us to leverage resources, training, and expertise.
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