Residents give Chandler high marks for quality of life, services and safety

Feb. 12, 2024
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CHANDLER, Ariz. –  Chandler residents expressed high levels of satisfaction with their quality of life, services received and community’s safety through responses gathered for the city’s annual budget survey. A few key takeaways from the survey responses were that:

  • 99 percent of respondents felt positively about the quality of life in Chandler
  • 98 percent agree that Chandler’s Fire Department provides quality care
  • 96 percent were satisfied with overall city services
  • 94 percent agreed that there is a good return on their tax dollar
  • 92 percent of respondents agree that they feel safe in Chandler

Residents of Chandler were asked to provide their thoughts about the community and its future in the annual budget survey that began in late November and ran through mid-January. The survey provides residents a convenient way to share feedback regarding city services, amenities and infrastructure that are important to their quality of life in Chandler.

Residents were asked to answer at least the first seven general questions of the survey. The remaining questions allowed them to provide specific feedback on any, or all, of our targeted topics. These topics are based on the City Council strategic focus areas. Staff reported that 1,768 surveys were received, and 1,350 comments were provided.

Some common themes that arose when comments were reviewed include:

  • Continued support for police patrols/presence
  • Continue to improve non-motorized transit options, biking and walking paths
  • Encouraged code enforcement to keep commercial and residential properties in compliance
  • Continue to provide recreational opportunities and maintain facilities

Staff reported the survey results as part of a work session with the Chandler City Council on Feb. 8, as part of its first of three work sessions after receiving direction at the Council FY 2024-25 budget kick-off.

The Chandler City Council will use this information to assist in the formulation of the city’s financial plan as it continues the process of creating the budget for the 2024-25 fiscal year.

See the complete budget survey results at Chandler Budget

Media contact:
Jennifer Honea
Public Information Officer