Ride-Along Observer Program

Firefighter helmet and headset

Participating in a ride-along is a great way to better understand the emergency medical and fire service provided to residents. It can also give those interested in pursuing a career in the Fire Service a glimpse into the work performed by our personnel. Regardless of your reasons, CFD encourages interested parties to join the Ride-Along Observer Program.

NOTE: You can request to ride along with a particular station; however, the Company Officer on-duty the day of your ride will make the final determination, as they will be overseeing you during your ride-along.



  • You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in our Observer Program.
  • Once you are granted permission for a ride-along, you must fill out, sign and return a Waiver of Liability (FD Form 84) which is available at all stations.
  • Observers are to be dressed in a manner that will not be detrimental to the image of the Chandler Fire Department. Safety also must be considered. Shorts, opened toed shoes, or other apparel considered to constitute a safety hazard will not be permitted.

During the Ride-Along

Chandler Fire Trucks

Among the points to remember during your ride-along:

  • Observers will not be allowed to ride past midnight.
  • Observers are not allowed to be involved in operations.
  • The number of times an observer is allowed to ride along is limited to once every three months.
  • No still or video cameras will be allowed.

To arrange a ride-along, complete our interest form and email it to the Chandler Fire Department or call 480-782-2120.

Request a Ride-Along